Azizi Accounting & Tax Services

Small Businesse Services

We offer our Accounting and bookkeeping services Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and annually. It includes, but not limited to:


Business Start-up Support

Cash Flow Forecasting

can be used to pre-empt problems and develop strategies to provide your organisation with a flourishing stream of cash flow.

Accounts Payable

organises payments that your business owes to other entities e.g. suppliers. It helps a foster a good relationship with suppliers who provide you with credit.

Fixed Asset Register

is used to produce goods or services.

Tax return

for your Corporate and/or unincorporated Businesses

Assistance with CRA

Audits and Reviews

Management Accounting Services

Services is used for providing financial information to business managers to assist them in decision making.

Accounting systems setup fit to your business

Accounts Receivable

process delivers accurate invoices to your customers and makes sure that they settle their payments within your payment terms.

Bank Reconciliation

and other accounts ensures that your transaction records correlate with your banking records – ensuring accuracy.



can help you run leaner operations and more effective operations.


from manual to computerized accounting

Year End reconciliation

Inventory Control

helps you manage your inventory effectively.

Profit and Loss Statements

communicates whether a company made money or lost money over a specific period of time.

Balance Sheets

provide a picture of your organisations financial position at a specific time. Assets are balanced with liabilities and net worth to ensure precision.


determines the monetary value owed to employees for their services.

Governmental remittance

is such as Payroll, source deductions, WCB and benefits reporting, GST / PST. So you do not need to be worried about interest and penalty for late payment.


Various kind of personal income Tax return such as investment income, rental income, capital gain/loss, T4, T4A, T4E, T3, T5, student education credit (T2202A), Home renovation credit


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